While on a solo tour in late 2005, English Singer-Songwriter Tim Mudd took an afternoon off to do some sightseeing during his first visit to Boston, Massachusetts. One of the stops his friend and local guide chose was the Old North Church - instrumental in the start of the American Revolution - located along the Freedom Trail next to Paul Revere Square in the North End area of the city.

Mudd was taken aback by the unusual layout inside the structure. Instead of the expected rows of wooden pews, the floor of the church was divided into 'box pews'. In its day, members of the congregation would purchase a box pew from the church in order to worship there. Each contained an 'L' shaped bench along two sides and a corner seat in the opposite corner for the head of the family or their personal Minister. A large pulpit reached by a spiral staircase towered high above the congregation.

The door of each box pew displayed a plaque engraved with the name of its occupying family; many military and historical family names were familiar. On his way out, for whatever reason, Mudd noticed the door plaque on the first box pew on the right of the center aisle (by the main entrance to the building). It read, "For Strangers and Wardens." His head filled with imagery…. of the people who tirelessly dedicated their lives to the service of this church and those who were visiting, wandering or simply needed a place to recover from the elements and find some peace.

"This is who our music is for," says Mudd. "Whether you're a fan of music or simply looking for a little comfort in song, we write and perform these songs for you. Our only hope is that you take from the experience whatever brings you the most peace and understanding. Nothing more, nothing less." When Mudd and Wisconsin-native Cody Williams begun performing and then writing together in 2008, the group name made as much sense as the ease and fluidity of the songs they'd begun to create. Williams added, "Our name does appear a little odd at first, but there's a great story behind it which - minus any faith-based connotations - really epitomizes what we've set out to achieve."

For Strangers & Wardens is comprised of Tim Mudd (guitar & vocals), Cody Williams (mandolin & vocals), David R. Norgren (bass & vocals) and Clayton B. Payne (drums). Their 5-song 'Retrograde' E.P. was released in July 2009 and the group is currently completing an as yet untitled full-length record.


General Photos

The Old Wives' Tales Sessions

Balboa Park (Photos by Scott Sandler)

San Diego County Fair (Photos by Mark Williams)

Trouble on the Vine Sessions

our music

Old Wives Tales Artwork

Old Wives Tales

  1. Old Wive's Tales
  2. Holding On
  3. Sounds Like Rain
  4. Mankind
  5. Stars
  6. Trouble on the Vine
  7. I Hate You
  8. Gone
  9. One More Dance
  10. Marie
  11. These Things
  12. Shouldn't Have To

Retrograde Artwork

Retrograde (2009)

  1. Stay With Me
  2. Blame & Alternatives
  3. Wish I Knew
  4. Missed You
  5. Carry On

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our shows

We're busy booking some upcoming shows, check back soon for US, South American and European dates.

Street Sessions

We hatched an idea to do some busking, it keeps our chops up and gives us a great chance to play music outdoors. We also get to know the neighborhoods around town, eat at some new restaurants and best of all, meet some amazing people we wouldn't otherwise have met. We typically announce our Street Sessions on Twitter, so follow us to hear when and where we'll be playing next, we'd love to meet you.

  1. November 14, 2012 30th & Grape, San Diego, CA

    Street Corner Session for November 14, 2012
    30th & Grape, San Diego, CA 92102

    Perfect Buildings
    Blame & Alternatives
    2:45 a.m. (Elliot Smith Cover)
    Trouble On The Vine
    Carry On
    Missed You
    These Things
    Trouble On The Vine (Requested Reprise)

    Met Woody, Nancy, David & Stella.
    Dined at Alchemy.

  2. November 19, 2012 30th & Adams, San Diego, CA

    Street Corner Session for November 19, 2012
    30th & Adams, San Diego, CA 92116

    I Hate You
    My Wife Got Stoned
    Blame & Alternatives
    Missed You
    Carry On
    Trouble On The Vine
    Morphine (Gillian Welch Cover)
    These Things
    McRyan's Lament (Traditional)

    Met Sasha & her Mother.
    Dined at Cantina Mayhuel.

  3. December 6, 2012 Fort Stockton & Goldfinch. San Diego, CA

    Street Corner Session for December 6, 2012
    Fort Stockton & Goldfinch, San Diego, CA 92103

    Perfect Buildings
    Brighter Day
    Blame & Alternatives
    Carry On
    I Hate You
    My Wife Got Stoned
    These Things
    Season Of Goodwill

    Met Brent & Sarah
    Dined at Jayne's afterward.

  4. February 27, 2013 Fort Stockton & Goldfinch. San Diego, CA

    Street Corner Session for February 27, 2013
    Fort Stockton & Goldfinch. San Diego, CA

    Perfect Buildings
    Blame & Alternatives
    Carry On
    Trouble On The Vine
    My Wife Got Stoned
    These Things
    I Hate You/I Love You
    Shouldn't Have To
    Missed You
    Brighter Day

    Met Dylan, Stephan & Shana.
    Dined at Lefty's Chicago Pizzaria.

Past Shows

  1. December 16 El Cajon Christmas Toy Drive, El Cajon, CA
  2. December 14 Hurricane Sandy Benefit, San Diego, CA
  3. October 23 at 8:30p Seven Grand, San Diego, CA *
  4. October 3 at 9:00p Lestat's, San Diego, CA *
  5. September 13 at 7:30p Humphreys, San Diego, CA *

    Opening for The Doobie Brothers

  6. June 2 2012 Ride for Africa, San Diego, CA
  7. May 24 The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA

* Denotes Tim and Cody duo show


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